Deirdre (Deedee) Recter

I have been teaching in Early Years Education for the past 20 plus years at a variety of international schools. Recently I had the opportunity to develop a program that combines both the visual arts and music into the our Early Years Curriculum. It was an exciting challenge and I did have to step out of my comfort zone as I was a bit weak on knowledge with the music side of things. However, having done a lot of my own research and concentrating my professional development on going to Orff workshops my knowledge and practice has grown.

Having done this position my knowledge of what inquiry is and what it looks like has grown. I have been lucky enough to go on one of the Reggio Study groups and have been truly inspired.

My teaching ‘aha’ moment was that music can also be taught in a ‘play based’ approach – and that so much of music is connected with everything that we do! I have also learned that using the arts is a powerful way to scaffold learning. It is a way for the children to express themselves in many different ways.